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About the Jews for Jesus Store

A Shared Vision

The Jews for Jesus Store is the leading provider of quality messianic resources. Our mission goes hand-in-hand with that of Jews for Jesus: To make the Messiahship of Y'shua (Jesus) an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide. Through the items we publish and distribute, we enable Jewish and Gentile believers to better understand the Jewish roots of their faith, to strengthen their witness, and to have access to a large selection of evangelistic resources.

About Us and Our Products

The Jews for Jesus Store came into existence to meet the need for relevant evangelistic and discipleship materials for use by the missionaries of Jews for Jesus. These resources are needed more than ever before by our missionaries, friends and supporters. We feel privileged to be able to do the Lord's work through the distribution of books, music, videos, etc. and we take it seriously too! Every item we carry is carefully reviewed to ensure it is theologically sound and is relevant to our mission.

Your Impact

Best of all the proceeds from every purchase go directly into the evangelistic ministry of Jews for Jesus. So, when you shop, you are also equipping us for ministry to the lost.

We thank you for your heart for the Lord and for Jews for Jesus and wish you a fruitful time shopping!

Blessings in our Messiah Y'shua,

The Jews for Jesus Store Team