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STEP ONE: Add the CORE CIP RESOURCE kit to your cart. STEP TWO: Add the FREE LIT kit to your cart.

We developed the this 2018 CORE CIP Resource kit based upon the sales figures from the 2017 CIP Tour.

The top CIP products are included in this kit, but this kit is fully customizable. This year you can choose all of the products, the number of products and quantities of products that you would like to sell at your resource tables during your CIP Tour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit is based upon a 12 meeting CIP Tour, with an average number of sales when compared to all of our missionaries. If you have more than 12 meetings, or if you consider yourself a better than average salesperson, we recommend changing the quantities of the items you select for your CIP Tour.

STEP THREE: Navigate to the category "Recommended Add-ons" and add any of these items that you would like to sell on your CIP tour to your cart.

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