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They brought their songs to Jewish people around the world, now they bring them home to you.

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Experience twelve original songs by folk-rock trio New Light Ruins in their new album that meshes their love of the God of Israel and the peace only He can bring. Band members, Sterling Reed, Remy Remigio and Isaac Brickner write songs together to express their personal spiritual insights as Jewish believers in Jesus in a way that makes them relevant to their generation. They have taken their sound to Israelis on street corners and in coffee shops in India, Nepal and Thailand and now they bring their songs home to you.

You can listen to samples of this new album here:

Pile of Rocks
Tower of Babel Preview
Flowers Preview
Fight Fight Fight Preview
The Heretic
Down to Ruins
En Route
In Your Hands Preview
Taking Risks
Still Face Down

Review of New Light Ruins Album: Coming Home
Reviewed by Rachel Friedlander

New Light Ruins lays out the welcome mat with You Are Home, their second album release. In twelve original tracks, the trio, comprised of Remy Remigio, Sterling Reed, and Isaac Brickner, employ the sounds of drums, double bass, cello, trumpet, harmonica, and guitar.

The sounds of these tracks are not airbrushed, polished, and perfect, and what some may consider to be this album’s weakness may also be its greatest strength. Instead of a computer-generated masterpiece we hear the raw voice of three hearts. This intimate format is further bolstered by the album artwork—heartfelt notes and doodles cover every page. Clearly, every aspect of this project was covered in a personal touch, fueled by individual creative energy. Instead of the usual lyric-oatmeal that fills popular albums, these young men challenge listeners with compelling poetry. As the trio explains, each song is meant to explore an aspect of their worldwide travels, their spiritual journeys, and redefine their concept of “home.” Through this, the band successfully reaches out to a struggling generation and offers hope in the melodies.

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