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Christ in the Old Testament

Christ in the Old Testament

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Christ in the Old Testament is a handsome pamphlet that explores the lives of 13 biblical people who “prefigured” the Messiah. This bestselling 12-panel foldout chart examines types, parallels, and illustrations of Jesus throughout the Old Testament, including men such Melchizedek, King David, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, and many others. When viewed through the prism of Christ’s life, death and resurrection, these Old Testament characters and their roles in Old Testament history take on new dimensions. Students will discover how their lives can also point to Christ.
Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 38" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

Christ is the key to what God had been pointing to in all the history of God’s people. One way to see this is to examine parallels between Old Testament people, events, and things, and the life of Jesus in the New Testament. Christ in the Old Testament pamphlet shows how the Old Testament anticipates, reveals, promises, and foreshadows Christ, featuring types and illustrations of Jesus. The pamphlet reveals:

13 Old Testament men who foreshadowed JesusA Scriptural time line of their placement in historySummaries of their lives and significanceCharts comparing ways their life events and actions paralleled Christ or his comingLife application questions


The 13 men in the Old Testament whose lives foreshadowed Christ include:

AdamNoahAbrahamMelchizedekJosephMosesJoshuaSamuelDavidElijah ....
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