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Encouragement/The Spirit of Elijah - 6 Pack

Encouragement/The Spirit of Elijah - 6 Pack

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Encouragement/The Spirit of Elijah

3D Greeting Cards

This is a set of 6 greeting cards and envelopes. Cards are 8"h x 5"w printed on high quality paper with embossing, gold foil, and some Hebrew. 

Front:Colorful picture of Elijah offering sacrifice with Hebrew word "Elijah" in gold foil 

Left inside: "Elijah's passion for God produced miracles and carried him to heaven in a chariot of fire." (I Kings 18:30-39, 2 Kings 2:11)

Right inside: "May the passion for God that Elijah had bring miracles to your life"

Back: "Hallelujah"

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