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Jews for Jesus

Future Hope: A Jewish Christian Look at the End of the World

Future Hope: A Jewish Christian Look at the End of the World

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Everywhere you turn, people are wondering about the future. For many, the outlook is gloomy. But according to David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus, Christians can offer a message of a future and a hope. Future Hope takes a look at biblical prophecies and offers insight into God's prophetic timeline. The book's easy-to-read format, helpful charts and appendices and evangelistic slant, make it appropriate for the scholarly, the new believer and even the not-yet believer.

"From his unique perspective as a Jewish Christian, David Brickner lucidly explains how the Master Dramatist plans to work out his great purposes."—Vernon Grounds, president emeritus, Denver Seminary.

"People who are in a muddle over end-time prophecy will be greatly relieved to read this informative, entertaining and very complete explanation of the subject."—Zola Levitt, national television host.

Chapters include:
You Think You've Got Problems?: What is the Great Tribulation?; The Mother of All Wars: What is the Battle of Armageddon?; Eternity: What About Heaven and Hell?




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