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Nazareth Honey - Imported from Israel

Nazareth Honey - Imported from Israel

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Nazareth Honey will connect you to a place and time like no other honey can.

  Born of the Holy Land, produced in limited quantities and unparalleled in quality, our artisanal honey is harvested by beekeepers in the best traditions of the region, and one taste can instantly transport you back in time – for this is the land where Jesus spent his childhood, and this is the honey that would have graced his table.

 This honey is produced from the nectar of the starthistle, a flower native to the Nazareth Mountains. Starthistle flourishes in the hot, dry summers, and the bees which feed on its nectar produce a monofloral honey that is as unique as the region itself. Honey can be greatly influenced by geography and climate, possessing notes as distinctive for each variety as the notes in wine or olive oil. Our honey is very unique in this manner, with its deep golden color like that of liquid sunshine, a highly aromatic fragrance, and the subtle notes of starthistle in its flavor. An authentic taste of the Holy Land, Nazareth Secret Honey is pure and sweet, with a long, delicate finish and a milder flavor than clover honey.

 Honey has been valued since ancient times for its sweet taste and natural health benefits. A unique combination of essential minerals, enzymes, amino acids and proteins, honey is a natural source of energy and is easy for sensitive systems to digest. Honey is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, and has been used for thousands of years to treat and sooth many illnesses. Consuming honey has been said to help restore vitality and health and can improve mood and combat the effects of aging.

 Product Specifications:

  • 9 ounces of pure honey
  • Natural product direct from Israel
  • Best-tasting honey available in the region
  • Free of sugar water
  • Thick and concentrated due to collection at the end of the flowering season
  • Coarse filtering process retains both the pollen and propolis
  • The apiary has been producing honey for 3 generations
  • Exceptional gift idea
  • Tasty yet healthy snack
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