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Painted Deserts - HeartCities

Painted Deserts - HeartCities

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Artist: – by HeartCities; Title: Painting Deserts; Date: "For music that's as rare as summer fruit in winter and every bit as refreshing, you'll want to hear HEARTCITIES, a group of friends who are passionate about Jesus and about making music. Together they have recorded "Painting Deserts" a collection of songs by lead singer Giselle. Giselle's voice is warm, clear, and kind of bluesy. Her considerable vocal, instrumental and lyrical talents create unique music that is at once charming yet challenging—in other words, her personality and her faith really come through. If you or someone you know is looking for a cool mix of up tempo songs, thoughtful ballads, and “indie” folk rock—order a copy of Painting Deserts today!" The WAV was recorded from original tapes that the album was originally cut from. So the music is clean and crisp. Download and Enjoy!
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