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Passover Seder Plate Plush Playset

Passover Seder Plate Plush Playset

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My Soft Passover Seder Set (TM) in Reusable Pouch, Young children will love to create their own mock Seder with this Soft Seder Kit! The primary components of the Seder plate are recreated in soft plush for safe and endless fun and play! 1 Soft Seder plate , 1 Soft Egg, 1 Soft Shank Bone, 1 Soft Maror, 1 Soft Apple for Charoset, 1 Soft Potato for Karpas , 1 Soft Lettuce for Chazeret,  Using mild soap. Wipe surface gently with cloth or sponge. Allow to air dry.
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