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Jews for Jesus

The Day Jesus Did Tikkun Olam

The Day Jesus Did Tikkun Olam

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The Day Jesus Did Tikkun Olam: Jewish Values and the New Testament  Tikkun Olam is Hebrew for “repair of the world”—making the world a better place. For Jewish people, it’s an essential obligation alongside honor for parents, giving to charity and many more. In this treasure of a book, author Richard A. Robinson tours the reader through seven Jewish core values from the Old Testament, on through Jewish tradition, and then on into the New Testament. Through a rich assortment of anecdotes, timely illustrations and a dose of Jewish humor, Robinson shows how Jesus embodied these ethical values—and how the ultimate day He “repaired the world” was the day He died for our sins. Written with your Jewish friends and relatives in mind, this delightful volume will be sure to enhance your own understanding of the New Testament as well! 166 pages

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