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Jews for Jesus

Walk With Yeshua Through the Jewish Year

Walk With Yeshua Through the Jewish Year

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We've never seen another children's book like this one! Fifteen Jewish holidays are thoroughly explained and beautifully illustrated with suggested activities for each. Learning about and celebrating the same holiday cycle that Jesus did will give our children, grandchildren and kids of all ages the opportunity to grow in their appreciation of the Jewish roots of their faith in Christ. A fun book for those who love to teach and learn!

Review of Walk With Yeshua Through the Jewish Year
Reviewed by Rachel Friedlander

Explaining complex religious theology or ancient rituals to six-year-olds can be a daunting task. Yet Janie-sue Wertheim and Kathy Shapiro team up to prove the seemingly insurmountable is possible in Walk with Yeshua Through the Jewish Year.

But this book does more than provide simplified descriptions and background information of fifteen holidays. It digs deeper, explores passages of relevant Scripture, explains Jewish traditions regularly observed for each holiday, and even provides fresh, creative ideas for celebration. Each section ends with a suggested Bible memory verse and a blank page for youngsters to create crayon masterpieces.

Even though it is aimed at children, this book does not speak down to its readers. The vocabulary may be simple, but the message is powerful. Even the recipes, picnics, prayers, and theatrical plays suggested have the ability to unify families and create new friendships. A well researched and carefully written book that helps children identify the Jewish roots of their faith and cherish it, year round.

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